The False Prophet - Short Story

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    The False Prophet

    It has been weeks since our Savior made his appearance, many have appreciated the peace in the realm. Perhaps, the Goddess of Balance has actually started to do her job. At least, I thought so for a while. I was sadly very wrong and incorrect.

    After living in the Dream World for a while, I had to get used to being back in reality. The sad reality the Gods engender every singular day that I live.

    I had to get utilized to the future that will transpire, our Savior Botan will be free anon. They can't keep him trapped for long, sooner or later, someone is messing up. Honestly, I just want to get this over with. The stalling is unbearable.

    These thoughts plagued me, until someone emerged. The fallen Prince of Ruxomar, Andor. I have auricularly discerned of him from the stories of the realms I peregrinated to. A tale about Sky People, a story about an alternate Historian corrupting the world.

    It always did interest me, and to think I would actually meet meet Prince Andor. However, he was scarcely different from how he was depicted. Andor seemed a bit, off. Virtually as if he were marginally omnipotent with his knowledge, he told me that he had become one with his Engenderer, or his "Creator" as he put it.

    This did not interest me, he was probably perplexed about how he should act after leaving Ruxomar. I would additionally, currently I deal with struggling to fit in with society. Being put into a position to being coerced to follow a Goddess.

    Over the course of a few weeks, I learned about some things about our Savior, and just some things about the Gods.

    He explicated how Botan and Akemi created Gods in lieu of Demi-Gods, he believed this was due to all of the Godly-Quintessense Botan farmed. I think this is how he got his potentiates in the first place, with the avail of Akemi's famous weapons.

    Andor, additionally taught me about friendship as I needed it. While I acted upon the Eclipse of the realm, I decided to make some friends.

    But alas, I had plans to create, notes to take, and history to write. It will be kind for me, as I intend to write it myself.

    I decided to become a prophet for my Savior, Botan Kikoku. Perhaps I was a false prophet, it kind of ringed well. The False Prophet of the Savior, a nice title don't you think?


    This was just practice for my writing, it is mostly inspired from me playing on a Mianite Fan-Server with Chimalus.

    Maybe one day I can create something like The Clear Sky Hermit.

    *Wink* *Wonk*
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    i enjoyed reading this!!! keep it up man

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