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    Voices. That’s all I heard. Voices from every direction. I stood in the center of the town square, preparing myself for what I must do. I was young. I was foolish. I was naïve. These things were familiar to me, but these voices… never before had I heard such a strange mix of glee and anger and sadness. I heard the merchants dickering for goods and the poorer townspeople begging for their goods for next to nothing. It would never end well for either party. Either the merchant would give in and risk losing their profit for the day or the villager would leave empty-handed and empty-bellied.

    A small part of me pitied them, but I had to remind myself of what my task was. I was here as a herald for my lord, and it was my job to spread his name. Many people knew the stories about how Lord Dianite was ruthless and cruel, uncaring and vicious to those that dared stand in his way. Yet, to me, he was kind and compassionate. He was a benevolent ruler who opened my eyes to the wrongs done to me by those who claimed to follow the Lord of Peace and Order. That damned Mianite, in his pretentious holiness, who thought the way to a productive and peaceful society was paved with the sweat and tears of those below him.

    I knew the truth. The way to peace was through destruction. No one would stand in Lord Dianite’s way, but he wouldn’t force this with cruelty. He favored his followers. He assured that we were well tended to, even those who tried to stray. He won them with kindness. He keeps them bound by their loyalty.

    Oaths freely given. That was what I was after. I wanted to sway those who remained undecided in their loyalty and their faith. Teach them the words and promises of my Lord while showing them that what they knew was wrong. It was time. My voice must be strong and rise above the mundane, meaningless noise.

    “Citizens! The time has come to think back on all that has been done! This king has imprisoned his own brother. What makes you think any of you are safe? He follows the damned lord, Mianite, and only seeks power for himself! The power to control! To rise up against anyone who stands in his way! You will all be squished like common insects! Like endermites… like silverfish. You won’t stand a chance!”

    I saw a few people stop and look my way. A few more hurried past, pretending they didn’t hear me. Those who stopped murmured among themselves as I continued to speak, reminding them of everything that had been done. I wove the tales as I had a hundred times, filling their minds with doubts. I knew by the end of the day, I’d have at least five new people aligned to my Lord Dianite’s cause. That, however, would be the results on a bad day… and this? This was a good day.
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    Beautifully written, can't wait to see what this turns into.
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    Ahh, I see. So what you are saying is, is that in this world, Tom is a girl. I see, I understand now.

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