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    Tricks & Tips for making a better application:

    What do we look for in your application?
    Your application tells us how well you are going to be able to preform as the helper role, so you have to put all of your effort in your application. We look for someone who has a great personality, someone who can work well with a team, and someone who is fit for the job.

    Make sure your application is presented well.
    We don't want to look at an application that has many grammatical mistakes. Make sure that you proof read the application to make sure nothing sounds weird or doesn't make sense. We would like your application to stay in black and white as it is easier to read. Don't overuse bold or big letters as it can be a pain to find the certain things we are looking for in the application.

    Make your application unique.
    There are always going to be some applications that are similar, but make us have a "wow" factor when we see your application. Show us things that could make us choose you over the other applicants. We would like people to be unique in their applications, because it shows that the player really wants to be staff and shows how creative the applicant is.

    Make sure to be honest!!!
    We check all applicants that impress us to see if they have any infractions on the server, so do not lie to us. That doesn't mean that you won't be accepted if you have a warn for spamming. We check them to see if the player causes issues on the server and if they would be fit for out team. Make sure to include that you've learned from your mistake and show us that you are better.

    Include examples in the application.
    People can say that they've done things, but if you add examples, this shows us that you've actually been in the situation and shows us how well you handled it. Examples can give experience with problems that you've dealt with before, so always include a few. We are always looking for people that handled situations well in their examples.

    We understand not everyone's 1st language is English, but try your best please!!!
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