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    Hello i am mrfiremoon. If any of you were on the subreddit you would recognize the name as i was very active on there and commented on almost every post. I love mianite. I was watching it as it was being live streamed. I worked it into my every day life. I cant tell you how many mianite servers ive played on. And there was a few where i played as dianite. And yes i am a devoted dianite fan. I love his morals in season 1 and 2. I am here to read. Put my 2 cents in. And hopefully enjoy the mianite mmo coming. Oh and i hope there is a story base and quests that we can do and i hope we can choose gods when we join for the first time but it does not show to others what we choose. However the gods do know tho. And also. If for any reason we would want to change gods we would have to go to that god and get a quests that would be completely against what your current god is about. So dianite=destruction so make justice and peace
    Ianite=balance so make inbalance
    Mianite=justice and peace make destruction
    To prove to the new god that you truly want to start following them.

    Well thats enough about me. How about you tell me about yourself?

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