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    Oct 9, 2017
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    Hello there, I am Joker but I also go by JakeModestep, Irwinator or J.

    I've followed the Mianite crew for many years and met them all many times, including Dec who turned up after the Modestep Leeds show despite him having AAA needless to say he never got in #BlameDec. You will of noticed there is a Modestep in my name up a the top, I've been a fan of Modestep since the very beginning and in that time I've become close with the band and all the fans that I am one of the most known fans and people in the ModeMob!

    Outside of Minecraft I am a guitarist, graphic designer and work in private security only problem with that is I spend more than I make because I'm a melon!

    I'm super hyped for this MianiteMMO and expect to see me failing at the easiest of things on the server when it opens, thank you to the staff for making this epic idea into a reality.

    In Dianite We Trust.
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    Oct 15, 2017
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    Nice to have you here, hope you have fun with the rest of us!
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