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Goooood Afternoon all,

I hope everyone is well and looking forward to the launch of Mianite: The Purge and the Mianite MMO in the coming months. With us growing closer to being public and the community eagerly waiting we have decided to open up applications for a new Community Manager position. For anyone interested there is a link to a Google Form application and we will be contacting those who seem suitable for an interview.

This role is open to anyone however previous experience managing a Minecraft Mini-Game network is crucial. The job, depending on the candidate will be eligible for payment depending on the quality and quantity of work.

The role of this position is to step-up and handle how announcements and new features are released to the community. This candidate must also be super organisational and arrange regular meetings with staff/developers and also put on events for the community regularly.

We are really keen to open this position to the public and see who is interested in helping make the launch of the Mianite Network smooth!!

APPLY HERE - https://goo.gl/forms/xcPcsMOhVRbiRicL2

PS. Bonus points if you can share an idea for a fun launch event.
The time you have all been waiting for...

MIANITE: The Purge will be live for all to play.

We will be hosting testing sessions all weekend, giving you insight into the Mianite Network and our first game, something we can't wait for you to experience.

The purpose of these public tests is to push the server to it's limit before we open the store and server public for all to play whenever you want. So bring your friends, get some snacks and come have fun. There will be prizes for those with the most wins and kills over the 3 days of testing.

Friday 21st - 8pm GMT
Saturday 22nd - 8pm GMT
Sunday 23rd - 2pm GMT & 5pm GMT

In order to access the game, please download Minecraft and join the IP - dev.mianite.com

What MC Version?
Please use a PC version of 1.9 or above.

Each test will most likely last 1-2 hours and we would love for everyone to try and join when we start to push the game's mechanics before our official launch. There will also be a thread on the forums for where you can post suggestions and feedback as well as a form to share bugs.. #BlameVanture

See you all there!!!


Mianite: The Purge

It is with great excitement that I can finally share some details and news regarding the long anticipated "Purge" gamemode on the official Mianite server. In the coming months, you and friends will be able to launch yourself into the World of Mianite and battle it out as descendants of either Mianite, Dianite or Ianite to be the final survivor. Find god-like loot and weapons, sacrifice yourself to upgrade your favourite gun and build 'out of this world' structures to become the best and defeat the rest!

This game will be playable on play.mianite.com in the coming weeks with early access purchasable from our store, opening soon. To stay up to date with development and teasers, join the official Discord here.

Let us know what you think this game is in the comments below. We will be hosting public test matches via Twitter so be sure to keep an eye out there.

See you in the battlefield!!

Happy Monday all,

We hope you have made yourself at home on the Mianite forums and are getting excited for the launch of the Official Mianite server.

We have been very quiet with the project, and that is for good reason but we plan to unveil the curtains over the next month or so. With that said, we are looking for experienced community members to join the team to prepare for a successful global launch. There are several roles and positions available, but the application process is broken down into 3 sections.

Firstly we have the opportunity to apply for an Official Tester. The role of a Tester is to be part of a concentrated group of people who actively work with developers to give insight and feedback on features of the network. You will gain special access to the World of Mianite like never seen before and will be able to shape the network to your vision working hand in hand with the Development team.
If you would like to apply for this role, then please apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/jKqBXQ6UP5iFwvDO2

Secondly we are looking to grow the Administration and Moderator Teams with a variety of people, ranging from Community Managers to players who want to help keep the servers clean and in order. This application form can be tailored to the sort of position of responsibility that you would like to apply for, there are no set roles as we plan to tailor them to those best fit.
If you would like to apply for this role, then please apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/a8CW0gqUZSVyTwqK2

Last but not least we are looking for BUILDERS! We are looking for talented builders to help bring the World of Mianite to life. If this is something that interests you, then please apply here: https://goo.gl/forms/2ynbUwDNQWOoRuTl2

We look forward to hearing from you all and creating an amazing team!

Hey all,

Just wanted to do a quick post to let you know we made a... Public Mianite Discord Server!

Please keep the chats appropriate at all times: we do not allow any type of swearing, cursing or any other non-PG behaviour.

So, how do I join the Discord?

That's fairly easy! You just click HERE and it will ask you to join our Discord Server!

How do I get Discord?

You can make an account HERE. once you completed the steps your account is created and then you can join our Public Discord Server!

WOW! That was a quick post... Yes I know... ;) If you have any feedback please leave it below (politely).


After a long.. long long time we are happy to announce the launch of the official Mianite Forums! A home for everyone including fans of the Mianite world to discuss upcoming games that we plan to roll out over the coming months.

Having been in the works for many years the Mianite MMO is nearing a public Alpha stage, a blog post will be made with news on that soon!



Announcing the upcoming Mianite: Battlegrounds, a unique fully custom Mianite themed Battlegrounds gamemode. With some great new developers we have been swiftly creating a brand new Mianite Network for all fans to join and play our original gamemodes only on Mianite.com.

With the expanse of the project and upcoming public launches we are looking to build up the internal team with community managers, a post on open positions will be made in the coming future!

We are looking forward to welcoming you all here and showing you what we have been working on for many many months!

Owner of Mianite Network