After a long.. long long time we are happy to announce the launch of the official Mianite Forums! A home for everyone including fans of the Mianite world to discuss upcoming games that we plan to roll out over the coming months.

Having been in the works for many years the Mianite MMO is nearing a public Alpha stage, a blog post will be made with news on that soon!



Announcing the upcoming Mianite: Battlegrounds, a unique fully custom Mianite themed Battlegrounds gamemode. With some great new developers we have been swiftly creating a brand new Mianite Network for all fans to join and play our original gamemodes only on

With the expanse of the project and upcoming public launches we are looking to build up the internal team with community managers, a post on open positions will be made in the coming future!

We are looking forward to welcoming you all here and showing you what we have been working on for many many months!

Owner of Mianite Network